What is remedial massage?

The core service we offer at the Massage and Movement Company is Remedial Massage.

Remedial massage is a term for a range of treatment styles with the particular goal of remediating a medical, musculoskeletal or pathological condition. 

The Australian Association of Massage Therapists gives this definition of Remedial Massage.

The goal of remedial massage is to help the body return to normal health after injury by reasonably reversing certain physical effects suffered as a result of moderate injury causing structural pain and/or lost mobility or function.”

At the Massage and Movement Company your will receive a remedial massage service that emulates this definition. As a therapist I will take the extra time and care to listen to you. I will identify the dysfunction that you have come to have addressed and use verbal & physical functional assessments to create an individual treatment plan tailored to your health needs. 

As your therapist I will explain why specific treatment techniques are recommended and how they will assist you.   A course of treatments with a measured outcome will be created for you individual health needs. 

A Remedial massage treatment will be more “active” than a general Swedish or deep tissue massage, as I combine specific techniques, exercises & stretches that may require your participation in order to assist your recovery from your dysfunction as efficiently as possible. 

It is my policy at the Massage and Movement Company to refer you on where the desired outcome in the recommended course of treatments has not been successful.


For reservations or information:

The core service we offer is remedial massage.  We welcome the opportunity to be of service and answer any questions you may have.