Code of Practice

As a member of the Association of Massage Therapists, I commit myself to the highest standards of practice.

I will:

  • care for the health, wellbeing and comfort of my clients with the utmost skill appropriate to my current qualifications
  • respect the privacy, modesty and dignity of my clients and maintain appropriate professional boundaries
  • respect the beliefs, rights and values of my clients
  • protect the confidentiality of my clients' personal information
  • refer clients to an appropriate therapist if their needs are outside my scope of practice and training
  • respect my fellow therapists in all disciplines
  • commit myself to continuing professional development, sharing technical skills and raising professional standards
  • endeavour to enhance the reputation of the massage therapy profession
  • support the Association of Massage Therapists in all its ideals, principles, codes and standards
  • refrain from conduct that adversely affects the reputation of the Association of Massage Therapists or the massage profession
  • comply with the AMT Code of Practice and all applicable State, Territory and Federal laws

You can download an electronic version of the Code here.